12 Best Free Web Conference & Meeting Apps for Your Team

Posted by Gayane on Dec 14, 2016 11:00:51 AM

Nowadays web conferencing is becoming the norm as more and more businesses go international, have telecommuting or work-from-home employees. Although it is not very common, some web conferencing providers do offer free plans for web conferencing and meeting apps. Although there is a limit to the number of participants, these apps are nevertheless a great solution if you have a small business and are operating on a right budget.

Before you decide which app would be most suitable for your business, here is a list we have compiled that will help you decide which features will be more suitable for your own life of operations.

  1.  Zoom

Zoom has plenty of great features for web conferences and meetings. You can share your screen from desktop or mobile, choose from full screen or gallery views for your video streaming. You can also send group texts, pictures, and audio files or collaborate with your colleagues on the whiteboard. Even if you are not near a monitor, you can join a meeting with your mobile if you have Wi-Fi. The app’s free version supports up to 25 people.


  1.  Skype

Skype also allows up to 25 people per an audio or video conference. It is one of the best options for teams that do not are comfortable with this platform, as it offers screen sharing and other basic options for its users. It is compatible with all desktop OS, as well as iOS and Android.


  1.  Free Conference Call International

Free Conference Call International enables you to host or join international conference calls. This smart app remembers all of your credentials so you do not have to remember any account details, dial-in numbers, or access codes. You can dial using your VoIP or GSM, send invitations by text or email, and make HD calls in 55 countries.


  1.  Fuze

Fuze is the perfect meeting and conference app for smaller businesses, as it supports up to 25 users in a meeting. It give you the option of having 12 simultaneous HD video feeds, holding an audio conference via VoIP, desktop and app sharing, etc.


  1.  Google+ Hangouts

All you need to have is a Google+ account to use this webinar platform that supports up to 10 people per video or audio call. You can collaborate during the meetings with the screen share option, view presentations, hold workshops, etc. The app not only live streams straight to the attached YouTube channel of your choosing, but also records and publishes the videos to YouTube.


  1.  Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx’s free version supports up to 3 people per meeting. Nevertheless, participants will still have the access to all of the app’s tools for collaboration. You can share files, mark them using the app’s built-in annotation tools, chat with participants in a group or privately. There is no limit on how often you host meetings or how long they last.


  1.  Gotomeeting

Gotomeeting allows up to 6 shared webcams per conference. The participants can see the presenter’s shared slides, spreadsheets, and any other information they decide to share. To use Gotomeeting, you do not even have to register anywhere. By simply clicking “get started” on the company website, you will immediately be taken to a private meeting room. You can then use that link to invite the other participants.


  1.  Join.me

Join.me is a very lightweight, easy-to-use app that is supported in 40 countries. Hence, it is convenient for international teams. You can easily log in from any device, change presenters, transfer files, share screens, etc. There is also the option of customizing your meeting space with screen backgrounds and URLs.


  1.  Apache OpenMeeting

Although it is not one of the most customizable options in the list, OpenMeetings does offer a slew of conferencing tools like whiteboard capabilities, screen sharing, instant messaging, and collaborative document editing. You can even record your sessions and the audio accompanying it. You may also choose which part of the screen to share, as opposed to sharing it in its entirety.


  1. Meeting Burner

The app’s free plan lets you have up to 10 people at a time for a meeting. Otherwise, the free plan basically has the same features as the paid ones. You can share your screen or any one application on your desktop, which enables you to discuss documents with the rest of the attendees.


  1. AnyMeeting

Mainly aimed at small businesses, AnyMeeting enables you to have 6-way video conferencing, have custom meeting branding, record your meetings, share your screen, etc. The free version supports up to 10 attendees per meeting.


  1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer’s web meeting and conferencing solution offers some cool features like being able to leave messages with remote sticky notes, running multiple remote sessions at once using browser tabs, or join meetings quickly and easily without installation or administrator rights with TeamViewer QuickJoin.

So, If you are looking for a web conferencing solution, you do not have to spend big bucks on it just yet. In fact, you can choose from the selection of free options listed above.

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