3 Must-Have Tools in the VoIP Industry

Posted by Masis on May 10, 2017 4:27:00 PM

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There are certain tools in the VoIP industry that help VoIP providers manage and secure their networks using a variety of available softwares and hardwares. These tools help ensure the smooth running of your operations and cutting of costs.

With the rise of VoIP businesses, software that ties in all things VoIP for the customer has become critical for VoIP providers. Services that help manage billing, invoicing and everything else in between can help your VoIP business stay ahead of the rest. A single solution to managing all aspects of cloud services that allows users to sell, deliver, manage and invoice is a great way to satisfy customer needs. Below are things to consider in choosing the most appropriate tools to ensure your customers get the best service.

VoIP Security Tools

Security tools are a crucial part of your VoIP network, ensuring your customers are safe from attacks. In addition, safeguarding your VoIP service gives your customers peace of mind when purchasing your product. All companies are vulnerable to attack, and if there is an opportunity for a hacker to capitalize on cracking into your system they will. Here are some tools to consider:

  • Dedicated firewalls for VoIP traffic
  • Real-time capturing of VoIP events
  • Network vulnerability scanners
  • SIP network scanners


VoIP Analysis and performance Tools

To help monitor your VoIP network, you need specialized software that analyses network strength, call conditions and other issues, allowing you to ensure call quality and reliability.

Management tools are offered as a standard part of PBX systems features and handle a variety of tasks designed to help VoIP providers with the running of their business. However, standard VoIP systems are limited in what they can offer, so VoIP providers are increasingly seeking additional network management tools to enhance existing capacity. This is despite some businesses choosing to stick with PBX systems management tools, even with the evidence suggesting that adding extra IP telephony management tools to your system actually saves costs.

The ability to monitor the capacity of WAN infrastructure to handle VoIP calls allows you to continuously measure the quality of VoIP services, providing insights into VoIP network performance including packet loss, delay, and jitter. Other features offered with monitoring include performance reporting, where analyses of the source provide you with statistics on packet loss, delay, and jitter values, which, in turn, help you understand which side of the call experienced poor VoIP quality and why.

Other VoIP analysis tools can track key metrics like call control and signaling, VoIP call status and caller details. This information can be helpful to you in many ways.


Power protection tools

Power protection for IP telephony involves the use of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to provide backup power to phones and other critical networking components. The most common way to protect your VoIP network is to have a UPS-protected mid-span power supply that sends the inline power to your phones – a more effective system than having a UPS installed for every phone. Whichever way you choose to use UPS, safeguarding your system from power failures or surges is vital for reliable calls for your business. Also, power conditioners can help deliver quality power to devices, while voltage regulators will help maintain constant voltage for your equipment. UPS acts as a backup generator in preventing power failures in the case of longer power outages, so make sure you choose the right type of emergency power supply that best suits your VoIP system. In making our decision, consider the following:

  1. UPS power supply
  2. Power conditioners
  3. Voltage regulators

A variety of tools exist to help manage and maintain your VoIP system, the three above are a great starting to point to ensure your operation are smooth and reliable.

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