3 Ways VoIP Can Revolutionize Your Business

Posted by Gayane on Oct 3, 2016 11:43:15 AM

After VoIP technology was first introduced into the mass market in 2004, it has since then forever changed the way people do business. Business owners are undoubtedly feeling the heat of ever-increasing competition and are always on the lookout for ways to push their companies forward. Staying afloat entails keeping up with the best technological developments, such as VoIP. VoIP technology was created to eradicate the drawbacks of landline connection. Known otherwise as Internet telephony, it continues to improve in quality, transforming enterprises large and small.

Here are three key advantages to using VoIP.


The goals of any business are clear – maximize customer satisfaction and increase profits. VoIP directly contributes to both of these criteria. Companies that are serious about saving money should consider switching to VoIP if they have not done so already. In today’s globalized world, very few businesses can afford to work in isolation, without any contact with overseas customers, vendors, or suppliers. In the past, this meant racking up big bills for long-distance telephone calls and business commute. Even businesses with long-distance plans were poised to suffer eventually if the volume of calls would suddenly surge, as costs would swiftly spiral up. However, they no longer have to quietly bear these charges.

Phone bills, which once ate up a large chunk of a company’s budget, are no longer such a burden, thanks to VoIP. It enables you to bypass costly installation, repairs and maintenance costs, as VoIP is extremely easy to install and troubleshoot yourself or to simply contact the help desk of your VoIP provider, instead of waiting for a technician to arrive and fix the problem.

The reason for the affordability of VoIP lies in the fact that it treats all voice, video and teleconferencing traffic as broadband data through Internet connection, not as minutes. Moreover, because the Internet is not nearly as regulated as telephone landlines, it translates to lower taxes and fees.

VoIP providers offer flat rate cost structures, and the extra “per-minute” charges are typically so low, that they are deemed insignificant even by most cost-conscious businesses.


More flexibility

No longer tied to a fixed wireline connection, many businesses today are opting for VoIP services, which offer infinitely more room for flexibility. The convenience and comfort that VoIP offers are unparalleled, as you can log into your VoIP using any broadband connection in the world, and you will be good to go.

The growing trend of automation means everything and anything is or soon will be connected to the internet. Not only does VoIP give businesses superior web conferencing capabilities with its voice and video features, but it will also integrate with your email, messaging, social media networks, and even your business’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Hence, VoIP is an invaluable service for telecommuters, people who travel for business, and remote workers.  

Seeing VoIP works via an internet connection, you and your employees are now free to multitask, because the same program that transmits your voice signals also enables you to send and receive text, video and audio files. You will be able to enhance the quality and efficiency of your presentations, as VoIP services can include file and screen sharing options. Monthly staff meetings will be much more easily organized, as all of your employees, no matter how geographically dispersed they may be at the time, can connect to you with VoIP using their desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

One of the major advantages of VoIP is its infrastructure, which is easily scalable. This means that you can add more components to it with minimal effort and hassle. Because the transfer of voice goes through software rather than hardware, it is very easy to update or alter the entire system according to your needs.


Improved customer service

VoIP will improve your customer experience in many ways. Wholesale VoIP providers will offer your company a range of solutions tailored to your particular business model. Such solutions include CRM tools like call monitoring, which will enable you to give feedback, train your staff tailored to the specific needs of your clientele, polish the skills of your tech support team, etc. With VoIP, you will be able to immediately connect your customers to field technicians with no additional delays, saving you time and money and sparing your customer annoyance and frustration.

One of the things customers hate most is when a company puts them on hold while trying to figure out how to connect to the right person. A good VoIP provider will offer you features like immediate connectivity to any extension or personal assistant, which will drastically reduce or altogether eliminate waiting times, and give you the opportunity to serve your customer the way you have always wanted to.

You will improve your marketing services using VoIP by eliminating the hassle and delays. The clear voice transmission, the instant messaging, and the ability to multitask will improve and streamline your sales process. Instead of hanging up the phone in order to send a customer the needed materials, you can follow up on a customer’s request or inquiry instantly by sending them an email or a text message. They will no longer have to wait to get a call back or wonder how long it will take them to receive the information. Now they have the option of receiving all of that as they are on the phone with you and discussing the content in real time. Your sales team will be able to seamlessly guide your customer through the entire transaction process and ensure superior customer service.


Bottom line

Businesses need to employ the most recent VoIP trends if they want to compete in the increasingly customer-oriented environment, for which stellar communication is key. Integrating VoIP technology into your business operations will help streamline your process and make a powerful impact on your enterprise. Whether it is for the increased bottom line, enhanced flexibility, or improved customer service, you need to consider turning to VoIP if you want to remain competitive and innovation-driven.

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