5 Interesting Facts About VoIP

Posted by Masis on Jun 6, 2017 5:13:09 PM

VoIP Services are taking the communication industry by storm but there are still many people who are unaware of the benefits compared to traditional telephony. VoIP has many interesting uses and below outlines some of the very unique features VoIP offers.

  1. You can have separate phone line for each employee

Direct Inward Dial DID’s or virtual numbers as their also known are a type of proxy number which has two main but different uses. One use is that you can pseudo locate your company to another city to bypass the fixed foreign exchange saving you some dough. The second, can provide each person in your company a direct phone line the latter use being the preferred in the communications world. So, say you have 9 employees with one of them your receptionist and have a toll free number for the main line, you could then with DID’s have 8 virtual numbers that go direct to each employee, a simpler way to run your business.


       2. Becoming a VoIP Reseller can be a profitable business

If you can find a Wholesale VoIP company who has secured cheap rates you can resell them to an untapped market. By reselling them at retail rates you can make a substantial profit and don’t need the upfront investment needed to set up your own wholesale VoIP. So, if you’re interested in the VoIP industry, reselling might be a great way to start your own business!


       3. Local calls are free or at a very low cost

Yes it true, most VoIP providers offer free local calls, it’s part of the service in the new era of VoIP. Every VoIP provider wants to attract customers and more often than not free local calls are the part and parcel of VoIP deals. Very low cost local calls do exist but you find these in rare cases as most VoIP providers are competing for the market by offering no cost local calls.


       4. You can use your laptop or desktop as a telephone

Downloadable apps called softphones give you the technology to use your computer as a telephone. So just like you use Viber or Whatsapp on your phone you can use similar apps which allow the use of your VoIP service on your computer.


       5. Very Cheap International Calls

Believe it or not your VoIP international calls can be as low as .01 cents per minute. This obviously depends on your VoIP service provider and the destinations involved but it’s still a testament to the super low prices you get from switching to VoIP.

The above outlines just some of the interesting and not fully understood facts about VoIP. With more consumers being enlightened on VoIP advantages the communications industry will be swamped with the amount of users in the coming years. So these 5 points should have helped you realize the potential of VoIP over traditional telephony.

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