5 Marketing Tips Your VoIP Business Strategy Has Probably Missed!

Posted by Masis on Feb 2, 2017 5:38:37 PM

A solid marketing strategy for your VoIP business is as important as the ideal product and service you design for your clients. While a variety of marketing techniques are used in the VoIP industry many are often overlooked.

Ideally, a well thought out marketing strategy will have a variety of techniques that are used interdependently to achieve brand awareness and lead generation. With this in mind, you need to capitalize on techniques that work best for your company. Below is a list 5 effective marketing methods, see if you have not interplayed any of them with your overall marketing plan.


1. Free calls

Free is the key word in sales, it works and has worked for centuries; people are always engaged by free offers. Free minutes or free calls will help potential customers subscribe to your service. Once they have signed up, it’s easier to switch them to another plan or market them other services. A simple free offer of either minutes or a certain number of calls is usually enough to entice your potential customers to join.

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2. Door to Door sales

Inbound marketing has ingrained itself as the new marketing method, all while some of the other styles of marketing can be very effective in the VoIP sales and marketing domain. Door to door, or outreach as it's known can yield massive results especially when you have special offer.


3. Text messaging

End of the month text messages are a great way to stay in touch with your consumer base. Sending promotional texts can generate more usage. The SMS as a standalone doesn’t compete against other marketing techniques but in tandem with the other techniques mentioned in this list can form an effective marketing tool to achieve brand awareness and increase your customer base.  


4. TV Advertising

TV commercials are a powerful tool to get your brand known. It’s one of the more successful mediums in which VoIP advertising works; product images with catchy music can always make or break a product. The TV is watched by billions of people and can achieve effective brand awareness, so if your budget permits consider it cause it will pay dividends for your business.


5. Free local calls

Free local calls or calls within your IP is by far the best way to attract clients to your product. You can snatch clients by offering them free local calls with no strings attached, this way you’ll increase your customer base. The idea is to increase profits from other services you offer your customers once they have joined your VoIP service. You can really only do this once you have a large customer base, so the idea is to attract as many customers with effective marketing techniques and free local calls works!

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Marketing is more a trial and error than it is an art form, understanding how techniques work and the results behind the campaign is the best way to find an effective marketing strategy for your business. So research the above techniques and understand how they can improve your company's sales and marketing.   

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