5 Ways to Engage Your Employees to Build a Better Customer Experience

Posted by Masis on Jun 1, 2017 5:55:12 PM


Any successful business needs employees engaged with the work at hand to deliver a better customer experience, an overlooked factor with many businesses these days. Engaging employees has the power to enhance customer communications, foster innovation, provide motivation and ultimately deliver a better overall customer experience. The following 5 ideas will help engage your employees and provide your workforce with the motivation to get results.

  1. Ensure your managers value relationship over ego

    Managers have a significant impact on team building in the workplace, and with more managers using ego to build good management skills the egotism of the typical manager more often than not does harm than good.  

    A well trained manager especially ones with backgrounds in sport or sales teams have skills that provide unique working environments. Their experience helps build teams from ground up, creating a friendly atmosphere for employees and customers alike. The end result is the power to influence employees to produce results based on “want” as opposed to a “have to” work ethic. What does this mean for the customer? This all translates to having a great team that can deliver a better customer experience wherever your clients are in the customer service funnel.

  2. Inspire through purpose

    When employees understand the impact business products and services have on customers they will feel more engaged with the goals at work. Let employees understand that the goods or services they offer shape the society there selling to. This creates a purpose, employees working towards a larger goal of changing trends, helping society and providing a customer satisfaction.

  3. Keep your employees happy

    The art of a delivering a great customer experience is not always about brand perception it has a lot to do with how clients feel the dynamics of the business. Throwing parties can help build a great employee atmosphere which has a ripple effect to customers. So if you’re looking at ensuring customers feel the business vibes, make sure have regular work functions to keep your employees happy. It doesn’t even have to be a party, just a social gathering to supercharge an already great atmosphere at work. This not only keeps your employees happy but it ensures that the overall energy of the business is felt all around. And if you want to take it one step further invite your customers to join in the party.

  4. Engage your employees in social media

    Although you have a social media expert and marketing gurus at your office, allowing employees to provide their part of marketing mix can also help develop a relationship between customers and employees. Employees who feel a personal connection to their work are more engaged. Everyone is on social media these days and if your employees can engage social networks whether it be reaching out to a reading club or friends they will see a purpose in their involvement in the business and feel more emotionally connected to their work. And once you have your team engaged in the larger scheme of things customer experience will reach new heights.

  5. Build a culture that rewards employees like the way your business rewards customers with the products and services you provide them

    Developing a culture based on rewarding employees can dramatically help improve the way your team unconsciously deals with work related issues. You want employees to feel that it’s not just the clients benefiting from the great product but also the people working hard behind the scenes. This creates the underlying statement that everyone from cleaners to designers have played a part in the project. So reward your team to engage them with their work and ensure a great customer experience.

    The above mentioned tips are a great starting point for any company and we hope these 5 pointers can help your business. Once you ensure your workforce can passionately get the job done by engaging them your business will provide your clientele the customer experience they deserve.