7 Must Ask Questions For Your Potential VoIP Provider

Posted by Masis on Feb 9, 2017 6:19:01 PM

The last thing you want from your VoIP provider after subscribing is unexpected limitations with your VoIP plan and network. Consumers and businesses will always have questions for VoIP providers and understanding more about them will help you decide which company best suits your business needs.  Below are 10 must ask questions for your VoIP provider.


      1. Is subscription based on a contract?

You don’t want to be locked in a contract; you need the flexibility to change your provider on the off chance you find the company isn’t right for you. Contract based subscriptions still exist, so be careful when signing the dotted line. Ensure you find flexibility with your new VoIP provider especially one that pertains to a non-contract subscription.


      2. What does it cost to add another phone?

If you’re a small business seeking to expand, this question is important for you. You don’t want to be charged each time you add a phone to your existing system. You need to find a service that bills you for the minutes used not for each phone you add.


      3. Are your phones compatible with other providers?

It will make it doubly hard to switch providers if your phones can’t be switched between VoIP systems. Having phone compatibility with other systems is vital if you want the flexibility of switching providers in future.


      4. Do you offer mobile VoIP solutions?

If your business needs remote applications for employees, you’ll need to ensure your new VoIP service provides mobile VoIP solutions. Phone systems on the go are an important part of today’s VoIP business world so this question is a must.


      5. What features are included in my package?

Let’s admit it, VoIP is cheap and has a lot to offer, so switching to VoIP is easy but you need to check if your subscription includes many of the features that makes VoIP solutions attractive. You need to understand how the features will benefit your business so ask your potential provider what features are included in the VoIP packages they offer.


      6. How does your reliability and quality compare to the norm?

Reliability and quality is a vital part of your set up, your calls need to be clear and must never drop out. Bandwidth connectivity affects calls and you need to understand the speeds and transmission rate of the provider to see how they compare with others. Chances are there going to up-play their services so ask for specific information regarding speeds, type of connection and transmission rates.


      7. What level of support do I get?

VoIP support is crucial as the ability to get immediate tech support can make or break your business. You need to be able to contact your VoIP provider and receive tech support immediately. So, make sure your potential VoIP provider has a 24/7 support team which includes tech support not just a pretty face who can tell you to reboot your system.


The above concerns are often missed due to their simplicity and often customers feel that wholesale VoIP termination plans and packages include all and provide the best. Not so fast, the VoIP industry is in its infancy and in a process of becoming a legit service for consumers. Laws around the industry are also standardizing so it will still take a while till you get a full proof VoIP plan without having to think about it. The above are questions that need researching and comparing before switching to a new VoIP provider, so read and understand them.

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