Business VoIP: What You Should Know About it

Posted by Christine on Jul 2, 2015 11:17:36 AM

Phone communication is the backbone of most businesses. Clients still prefer to talk to a real person, and usually call to get more information or discuss details. Moreover, personal interaction with people helps to create customer loyalty and relations. Nowadays, more and more companies are opting for VoIP to shape reliable business communication. VoIP has multiple benefits compared with traditional landline services. In addition to considerable savings on international calls, VoIP provides increased mobility and flexibility to the company employees, as well as offers multiple calling features, which enhance work efficiency when interacting with customers.


How to Choose Business VoIP services

When in the market for business VoIP services, it's essential to find a VoIP provider that will provide your company with the tools and options it needs for shaping excellent business communications tailored to their requirements. The following five aspects of business VoIP solutions will help to identify the best services: calling features, service plan, network strength, additional features and support options.

How to Start a VoIP Business


Calling Features

Almost all VoIP solutions offer basic options such as call forwarding, voicemail, etc. But there are multiple features, which will help your business to increase work productivity and improve professional image. They include call queuing, additional numbers and mobile applications. Call queuing have several forms. One of them is hunt group, which automatically handle inbound calls got by a single phone number and distribute them among a group of agents or employees by priority. It means that the employees on the top of the list will get more calls. As for ACD option, it distributes calls equally across the list. Virtual queuing is a comity feature as it allows caller to leave a message and wait for available agent to call him back.


Service Plan

It`s one of the most essential factors to consider when selecting a business VoIP provider. It included contract lengths, allotted minutes for international or long-distance calls, modification of plans to meet the company's needs, and discounts for adding other extensions or users to current plan.


Extra Options

These options add convenience and facilitate marketing. With online account management administrators get opportunity to manage and control every aspect of VoIP account from the computer. VoIP services can also be integrated with company software. Such options as advanced call analytics and call logs give users complete information on inbound and outbound calls, including call length, location and time. Analytics provide detailed data in graphical form, while call logs put it in lists.



Losing connection when you are on an important call may have disastrous consequences for your business. With this in mind you should opt for provider, which has multiple server locations and runs a backup network.


Help & Support

Problems with the company phone system are inadmissible as they often mean dollar lost. That`s why VoIP provider must offer live customer support and online documentation.

VoIP Solutions For Your Business

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