How to Attract New Customers with VoIP Systems

Posted by Masis on Dec 16, 2015 11:31:59 AM

To remain competitive in the business world, utilizing features of modern technology is paramount. So if you’re trying to develop your company from ground up or are in the stage of diversifying your operations, your telephone service will play a crucial role in staying ahead of your competition. This is where VoIP technology comes in; they have the potential to attract more clientele for your business compared to the old traditional phone systems, offering features that extend beyond the fundamental services that TDM systems offer.

In a nutshell, VoIP uses a telephone set to transmit digitally converted audio signals over the internet. You can use the traditional phone; all you need is an internet connection and VoIP adapter. Most of your communication with your customers will be via phone so, by utilizing the features of VoIP business provider, you can attract the clientele your business is looking for. Switching to VoIP will help you deepen your relationship with consumers increasing customer satisfaction with its new features.


The most attractive feature of VoIP services is the “click-to-call” web-based communication service that allows customers to call directly to your business from your website. By clicking on a button or an image, your audience can initiate an immediate phone connection with your sales person or service desk.

According to a study by Marchex, a whopping $1.12 trillion will be spent through “click-to-call” technology this year. This goes to show the increase in interest in click-to-call services. The system provides a simple mechanism to start a conversation with the intended company. While consumers won’t shy away from email contact, for queries that need speedy rectifying or questions related to business that need an instant response, consumers will opt for “click-to-call” allowing them to connect with your business without picking up the phone.  

Consumers want a simple and instantaneous way to reach your services, so now, with “click-to-call”, they can get in touch immediately whilst they are in buying mode on your website. Other estimates from studies show a 200% increase to a call-to-conversion rate from using the “click-to-call”, due to customer satisfaction with the efficient process and, more importantly, on how the timing of the call conversation affects how sales teams can convert the prospect.

On Hold Service

Other features, such as customized messages and the ability to communicate new offers while consumers are on hold, will help prospects stay on the line – a major advantage. All companies are aware that putting a customer on hold is a last resort option when consumers call, though unfortunately at times it’s something that can’t be avoided. Callers stay on the line up to 25% longer when provided with on hold messages versus “dead air” or “background music,” according to a study by Infomax, Inc. So do your business a favor and communicate the important messages of your company to your on-hold audience via new VoIP phone features.  

Toll-Free Numbers

VoIP business providers offer call costs significantly cheaper than traditional landlines, which means going toll free with your business numbers will become less of a financial burden. The last thing consumers want is to fork out for a phone call in an attempt to get in contact with your business. You should be absorbing call costs made to your company. The upward trend of registered toll free numbers since 2010 has been 8.6%, highlighting the growing importance of a toll free number (Somos). By offering a toll free number you present your business as a legitimate company to deal with, and more importantly you take the next step in offering an enhanced customer service relationship with your audiences.  


The recent auto-attendant feature on VoIP phone systems allows businesses to provide a customized approach to routing calls. Callers hear a custom business greeting and then are given options for their call transfer; this relieves the company from the need to have a full time receptionist. Another advantage is that customers get through immediately, which helps keep them on line with customized messages while the auto attendant directs their call.

The move to VoIP phone systems is inevitable and more and more companies are changing across, clearly aware of the advantages that the new technology offers. The click-to-call feature is without doubt the game changer that will give your sales and customer service team a head start with leads, as the ability to convert them becomes easier. VoIP wide range of features are providing customers with a deeper relationship with businesses, especially when it comes to connecting with your establishment. Communicating business messages to consumers while on hold will help your overall strategy of relying new offers and business news, while an auto attendant and toll free numbers will show that you’re a credible company with which to do business.

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