How to Choose Wholesale VoIP Provider

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Enhanced productivity and cost saving aren`t the only benefits driving the widespread migration to business VoIP. The adoption of advanced technologies is reshaping the way employees interact and exchange voice and data. According to market research the VoIP market will raise $40 billion profit by 2015. That`s why there is no wonder why the array of VoIP providers offer plethora of business-grade VoIP services.

For company the challenge is choosing wholesale VoIP provider offering services which meet its business needs and technical requirements. Careful research and the following tips will facilitate this process.

  • Know your wholesale VoIP provider options

There are two ways of exchanging voice and video over IP – on-premise and hosted IP PBX. On-premise IP PBX is the way to go for larger companies with big budget. Although expensive to buy and install, an IP PBX transfers voice and video traffic as packet through IP network for local and international calls, web hosting and Internet access. With its plethora of servers, routers and cables, an on-premise IP PBX system ensures scalability and high availability – business requirements for big financial institutions and multinational corporations that need the high-end quality telecommunication services.

IP PBX suits better the large companies as it must be deployed and maintained by a team of qualified IT professionals which can maintain and upgrade the network. On-premise IP PBX can be essentially customized, new line or extension can be added by the company`s IT staff without the helping hand of VoIP provider.

What an enterprise loses in pliability and management with hosted IP PBX network, it rapidly gets in short-dated savings. It`s due to the fact that major hosted IP PBX solutions are rented or leased, and the equipment is managed by the wholesale VoIP provider at a distance.

Hosted PBX is a way to go for small and medium sized companies to get started with VoIP as it doesn`t require major investments. It should be mentioned that buyers still can face recurring fees that can compensate initial cost saving and augment the total cost of possession in the long run. If the company has no possibility to hire a qualified IT staff to maintain and upgrade the system, then hosted PBX can be a reliable service for them.

  • Carefully explore the features

VoIP service features give wholesale VoIP providers a competitive advantage so expect specifications to differ. Basic VoIP features such as voicemail, call blocking, call waiting, caller ID and call forwarding are included with the system. However enterprises looking for additional features should search for providers offering such options as

  • Improved 911
  • Password protection (to prevent unauthorized access to the system)
  • Client Matter Code (to associate incoming and outcoming VoIP calls with concrete tracking and billing codes)
  • Outlook integration (to allow workers make and get calls from their Outlook email inbox)
  • Sign a service level agreement.

In spite of huge advances in the technology, errors still occur. To protect against confusions enterprises should always sign a service level agreement adjusting such issues as a maximum threshold of downtime, standard for uptime, security measures as well as a recovery plan in case of disaster.

Wholesale VoIP provider must secure technical support to a certain extent. So ask your provider, whether there is 24/7 access to IT professionals, whether the vendor have disaster readiness plans, etc.

  • Your due diligence matters

References are reliable source of information if you what to check whether a VoIP provider is committed to quality. Speaking with companies how a certain provider responded to the crash of the service, or how its customer service department handles the issues will be helpful to fill in essential missing blanks.

Research a provider`s history as well as reviews of VoIP solutions it offers. Find out whether the VoIP company is financially sound or it`s a potential bankrupt.

Migration to VoIP solutions is considerable endeavor. Choosing the right provider is critical to success.

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