How to Start a VoIP Business

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The VoIP wholesale market is growing and business opportunities for VoIP are looking increasingly lucrative. VoIP operations exchange telecommunication traffic, in a nutshell, the VoIP business provider is the middle man who transmits calls from one carrier to another. With relatively little startup costs, wholesale VoIP is appealing to more than just your big time telecommunication companies.

VoIP has a variety of markets available for your business model to work with, so below is an outline on what type of service you can offer your clients.  

  • VoIP Wholesale: Providers of A to Z termination.
  • VoIP Call Center Solutions: Companies that set up call centers to help handle calls correctly.
  • IP PBX: A home or business VoIP system for making internal and external calls.
  • Calling cards: A platform offering card solutions to clients allowing them to make calls using prepaid or postpaid cards.
  • Residential VoIP: Essentially services for home users.
  • Mobile VoIP: The Mobile Dialer is software used on mobile phones to make VoIP calls from a mobile.

Once you have an idea which business model is right for you to get started with, you can take the next step in your VoIP business. VoIP business providers need a framework of hardware and software requirements to get started. This step is crucial in keeping costs to a minimum, also depending on the size of the start-up you can decide the quantity and capacity of the equipment needed for your operations in this stage.


Below are the 3 main requirements in your VoIP startup.



Softswitch in VoIP business controls all transactions and call routing, a central device in VoIP telecommunication services that connects telephone calls from one phone line to another. Once you’re a softswitch vendor you can decide to provide the service of your business model or alternatively you can offer a variety of packages in the one model. Choosing an appropriate softswitch to accommodate your requirements is an integral part of starting your VoIP business. So ensure you're versed with what you will be providing your customers and understanding how softswitch software relates to your business requirements.

Billing software is also an important part of VoIP networks as it tracks and collects information on calls. Billing integrated into your softswitch can save you from investing on a separate billing software and provides smooth business transactions.  

One important feature for your softswitch is to have low cost routing technology. Wholesale voice and SMS operators can use intelligent software that implements the A to Z of identifying the best route for its destination. Having a LCR as an option on softswitch will automatically select the most cost effective path for traffic. This feature can offer a variety of other benefits such as reports generation, automatic invoice generating and sending, traffic analyzer, traffic quality control system.

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Bandwidth optimization and tunneling software offers services to areas where VoIP calls are blocked by firewalls and helps alleviate weak internet coverage ensuring a quality experience. This is another important element in choosing software as it helps with VoIP call quality. 



Serving and hosting software is an add on tool for softswitch helping provide a robust service ensuring the platform won’t go down, improving the overall quality of the bandwidth and power.

Following on from setting up correct hardware and software, finding network partners for voice traffic terminations is your next step in moving forward in your VoIP business.  VoIP wholesale companies run on a variety of business networks to contract suppliers and clients. You will find that one supplier of voice termination might not be the best fit for your business model so connecting with multiple carriers around the world will probably best suit.  You can find them on social media, facebook, linkedin and other websites and chatrooms. Remember the termination cost is the single most important factor in providing an affordable VoIP service so make sure you find carriers who are not just reliable but offer cost effective calls.



In addition to finding network partners it's important to remember companies that focus on their business model and stay within the boundaries of one or two services often manage to provide a high quality product. That said, you can always diversify as you go and continue to offer smooth running services if you perfect as you go.

Finally, to start with your VoIP business without any investment in hardware the option of renting softswitch and other products is a cost effective and worthwhile way to begin till you understand your  expected revenues. It doesn’t require a 3rd party to operate and control the system for you so it’s a great way to learn without any major set up fees.

So we’ve explored how to start a VoIP start-up business with the range of models your company can use and the hardware and software needed. Once you have understood these basics, you can read on to know more about mobile VoIP businesses.


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