Reducing Business Costs with Hosted VoIP

Posted by Christine on Aug 27, 2015 12:18:04 PM

Hosted VoIP can provide cost effective solutions to business owners and managers, which are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and expenses. Now let us explore the benefits this technology can offer.


Reducing costs

Opting for VoIP provider offering hosted solutions companies can eliminate expenses spent on purchasing expensive physical hardware and equipment. The equipment resides at the vendor`s place, secure and safe, even in the event of storm, hurricane or any other natural disaster. In case of emergency the IP phone handsets can be moved to anywhere and used from any place where there is a broadband internet connection. It helps businesses keep 100% productive and prevent losses.


Upgrading phone system free of charge

The software running in a secure data center is constantly enhanced, upgraded and refined with no additional cost to business. The operations of VoIP phones are constantly enhanced as new capabilities and options are being added to it. 

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Increasing Productivity

With hosted VoIP solutions businesses can be more flexible and mobile in implementing current business solutions. For instance, they can hire home-based employees to work in a call center, which saves money for both companies and employees. Use of customizable auto-attendant can help companies to reduce the number of receptionists necessary to answer phone calls. Auto-attendant is configured to redirect calls through number of voice prompts to the corresponding extensions or departments.


Increasing customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be a key element of business strategy, as it`s one of the cornerstones of company success. Hosted VoIP provide solutions, which can make your customers happy. Customers you can reach a company as quick as possible to find answers to their questions is more likely to stay with it. Now companies have an opportunity to increase support hours, providing customer support from coast to coast and reduce the need to pay the support staff overtime. VoIP added features, such as auto-attendant or voice mail, also give business the ability to make customers happy.

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