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Posted by Masis on Jan 21, 2017 6:04:50 PM

All mobile phone users will fall within the segment of the mobile VoIP market. While mobile VoIP technology has developed robustly over the last decade, the opportunities for business have only recently been noticed.  Mobile VoIP services are becoming more affordable and often have free of charge local calls enticing consumers across the world to grab a smartphone. The technology of VoIP applications has become widely used due to its simplicity and efficiency and the functionality of VoIP based softphones add to the ease in making phone calls, the forgotten factor in the rise of VoIP applications on mobile phone devices. In addition, the need for cheap long distance calls, which are easily available on smartphones VoIP applications are increasing the number of users on these platforms.

The two interrelated softwares needed to set up a mobile VoIP business are a softswitch and a mobile dialer.

Softswitch is the heart of your operations in VoIP business; the softswitch controls all transactions and call routing, a central device in VoIP telecommunication services that connects telephone calls from one phone line to another. Once you’re a softswitch vendor you can decide which service your business model should be based on, in this case mobile VoIP services. Choosing an appropriate softswitch to accommodate your requirements for mobile VoIP services is an integral part of starting your VoIP business. Softswitch 5 refers to calls in your immediate geographical area while Softswitch 4 combines  softswitch 5 traffic to provide your business the ability to transfer long distance calls. With the increase in mobile phone use and the demand for cheap long distance calls choosing an appropriate soft switch is vital, so ensure you know your business model you want to offer your consumers.

Mobile Dialer/Softphone is an application for smart phones which allows making  VoIP calls. Your business will either offer its own softphone or the use of another free generic mobile dialer that’s available to download. The idea is simple, an easy to use application which offers rates and services to your business model. Often low rate IP calls within its network attract consumers to your VoIP business phone coupled with a simple platform for making calls you can attract the clientele needed for your new business. To put simply, people are looking for cheap long distance calls and mobile VoIP offers that cost saving, so understanding more about your customer base and what they need will help you with your sales and marketing and finding your target market. For instance, migrant communities who need low cost overseas calls to their home country can be a potential market that you might want to tap into. Furthermore, premium VoIP features are another way to charge your clients and make up for the free calls on offer with your platform.

Sales and marketing is another step in your startup business which will help to grow your business. You need to find ways to generate leads and new prospects, either you hire a professional salesperson who can network, look for companies to work with and generate new business or you learn the art yourself. This step is integral for a profitable business, many entrepreneurs spend too much time setting up the equipment and interface and shy away from the real ground work of expanding their business.

“It is forecasted that the number of mobile users will reach 6 billion by 2020 and the number of internet users will reach 4.7 billion”- cited from “How to Start a VoIP Business”- Vilius Stanislovaitis. With this in mind people will primarily use the smartphones to access the internet so you can see how mobile VoIP is a lucrative business idea.

The above gives you the basics of how to get started with a mobile VoIP business, if you're interested you can contact us to help you with the A to Z routes of calling. If you have set up your business with or without a softswitch and need new destinations, VoIPRoutes can help link you to new markets, so call us to have a chat!

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