The Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller

Posted by Gayane on Dec 20, 2015 11:34:15 AM

As VoIP continues to tighten its grip around the telecommunications industry, the opportunities for VoIP resellers are bountiful. If you become a VoIP reseller, you will be able to satisfy your consumer needs, capitalize on abundant sales opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge.

Becoming a VoIP reseller entails buying a sizable bulk of service from a provider and then reselling it as one sees fit. Hence, getting a VoIP reseller account will give you the opportunity to operate your business and make profits as you see fit, with a great amount of flexibility. In case you are still not convinced, here are 8 more benefits of enrolling in a VoIP reseller program that will help you make up your mind.

     1. Offer cutting-edge technology

The key to success of VoIP resellers is that they offer a service that is a part of bleeding edge technology. As on-premise phone systems are going more and more out of style and even becoming obsolete, most businesses are turning to VoIP. As such, you will be able to offer your customers a solution that is relevant and will help them keep their competitive edge. In turn, by offering solutions that work, you will ensure your own competitive edge.  


     2. Growing demand

With the bang that VoIP has made in the communications sector, the technology is continuously being adopted all over the globe by businesses and residential users alike. In fact, many people predict that it will become the dominant means of phone communication in the near future. More and more users continue to choose it for the added flexibility, cost-effectiveness and no-hassle usability. Valued at over 83 billion USD in 2015, the VoIP market is projected to grow to 140 billion by 2021. With such an intensifying growth of VoIP usage, the demand for VoIP resellers has been soaring. Hence, VoIP resellers stand to benefit greatly by extending their market reach and ensuring their job-security.


     3. Better customer retention

Improved customer retention goes hand in hand with the ever-growing demand for VoIP services. Due to the added flexibility and increased functionality of VoIP services, the satisfaction levels and loyalty of customers also increase. For a VoIP reseller, this is a great opportunity to draw and retain more clients and build partnerships with a greater ease. In turn, you will stand your ground in the competitive marketplace and contribute to the steady growth of your business.


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     4. Cost-effectiveness

To start, becoming a VoIP reseller requires minimal investment. Unlike most other businesses that require sizable investments up front, building a VoIP network will not require the same kind of funds. With the right wholesale provider, you can launch your company with very little investment and instead focus your efforts on marketing growing your customer base.

Moreover, it is cheaper and easier to manage than on-premise telecom services – a great incentive for businesses looking to trim the spending budget by decreasing overhead spending and increase the profit margin.  


     5. Great flexibility

As a VoIP reseller, once you buy services from a wholesale VoIP provider, you are free to name and package those services as you wish, tailored to your customers’ needs. You will have the autonomy to create and customize your own pricing models, adjusting them per client or over time. This ease and flexibility facilitate the development process of a start-up VoIP reseller company by giving it more control of its financial success.


     6. Better functionality for your clients

One of the things that sets VoIP apart from its competitors is the increased functionality it provides to end users. Business travelers and telecommuters will be able to use their company’s telecom network anywhere in the world, as people and businesses have become increasingly reliant on mobile devices. With additional features like video conferencing, shared SIP Trunking, and virtual auto attendant, VoIP services continue to entice and satisfy end users.


     7. Capacity to establish your presence geographically

Even though VoIP technology is highly successful and rapidly growing, it has yet to have an international face that everyone recognizes. As a reseller, you have access to innovative solutions while maintaining your own brand autonomy. By becoming a VoIP reseller, you have the chance to be the face of VoIP services in a particular area of the country and make a big splash at a place where VoIP may not yet be as common. This, in turn, will contribute to your brand building and marketing efforts, as well as build trust within your potential and existing consumer base.


     8. Job security

If you are in the business of selling technology like on-premise telephony, which will soon become obsolete, you run the big risk of potentially losing your job. You are safe for as long as the product you sell remains relevant. If, however, you are in the business of offering VoIP services, which is the technology of the evolving world of communications, it will better safeguard your job and your future without making you worry about going out of business.


     9. Easy scalability

VoIP technology allows you to scale your business up or down effortlessly, as needed, without spending additional time and resources that you would if you were to maintain on-premise systems. As a reseller, you can provide services to high-growth companies because you can offer them the advantage of being able to effortlessly expand your services as their business does.  

Furthermore, VoIP gives you an integrated service platform that will enable you to connect all your critical applications like your accounting software and your CRM software in a single platform. With this feature, you will be able to sell, manage, deliver and invoice your clients all from one location.

Thus, if you are wondering why you should become a VoIP reseller service provider, think no further. When it comes to communications, there is no doubt that VoIP is the future. VoIP resellers programs are not only simple and efficient, but they are also profitable without you having to invest large chunks of money into the start-up.

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