Top 7 Benefits of Phone Call Recording

Posted by Masis on Aug 12, 2016 5:22:24 PM

The concept of recording telephone conversations has been around for a while, with insurance and telecom companies using the tool to provide better customer service, to log conversations and to help settle disputes. As telecommunication technology advances and recording and saving conversations become easier, more companies are opting in. Long gone are the days when specialized equipment was needed to record a phone conversation. Now, with VoIP technology, recording is part of the bundle of features offered by your service provider.

Below are 7 ways in which recording conversations can benefit your business.

  1.    Recollecting important information

As much as you think you can remember everything from your last telephone conversation at work, it’s always great to have the opportunity to revisit an important call and play it back. You need to actively listen to your customers, and writing notes is definitely going to disrupt your ability to listen. So what’s the best way to store and collect information from past phone conversations? Simple: record your call and then play it back later. Revisiting a call allows you to double check client requests, and to better understand clients by making a note of their wants and preferences during playback.

  1.    Provide efficient training

Recorded calls can help managers develop a customized training design for each employee. Continuous supervision with access to recorded conversations can make it easier to provide ongoing feedback to employees, ensuring quality assurance and a robust management system for sales and customer service training. Recorded calls present a fantastic way, not just to log improvements of employees, but more importantly to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your service teams.

  1.    Qualify your customers more specifically

Recordings of telephone conversations can help your marketing team better understand your customer’s buyer persona. A buyer persona tells us what prospective a customer is thinking and provides important information on their background. This information helps marketers fine-tune their advertising campaigns to target specific groups with specific information. Sales teams can also benefit from meticulously studying call recordings, which allows them to refine their skill in qualifying, selling to customer needs and understanding more about prospective customers’ problems.

  1.     Settle disputes

Recording customer telephone conversations can help resolve disputes, as the recorded call will help both parties and the mediator understand better where the issue arose. Resolving disputes quickly and efficiently is the best course for your business, and recording your calls can help provide the evidence to settle disputes earlier rather than later.

  1.    Customer Service

Understanding customer and employee interactions from listening to call recordings will help improve customer service, by knowing what works and what doesn’t. The insights you get from telephone conversations will help evaluate the changes needed in dealing with customers.

Are representatives handling sales inquiries properly?

Are key talking points being remembered?

Are your employees ensuring that leads are saved and stored and sent to the sales team?

These are all vital aspects of your business process that need constant supervision and continuous improvement, so whether your team is being trained by a customer service expert or supervised by a manager, call recordings are an invaluable tool in adjusting your service to ensure best business practice.

  1.    Turn customer stories into blogs

Customers will always have something to say about your product or service – this is natural. What you want is to capture positive comments about your business and turn them into stories, so that other customers can read about the great experiences people have with your company. With the customer’s permission, you can transcribe conversations from your recording and turn them into success stories on your blog page, and also use them as a marketing tool in your advertising campaigns.

  1.    Attaching leads to sales software

One of the major advantages of recording phone conversations is that each potential lead can be attached as a recording and stored in your sales software application. Sales teams have a step-by-step process which helps them sell. Most of these processes are completed with the delicate understanding of customers by way of important and specific information relayed by prospective customers. If the customer service team fails to extract the necessary information to pass on to the sales team, it makes the process for the sale team more difficult. So, configuring a sales system that has the ability to store recorded conversations, regardless of its stage of selling, will enhance the sales team’s ability to sell. How? By giving the sales team has the opportunity to listen and extract the information from previous calls.

These 7 simple benefits can dramatically change the face of your company and transform your business potential. Tracking, recording and saving conversations will provide your business with the necessary tool to understand clients better and to train your employees individually, based on what has and hasn’t been working. So, don’t just consider the idea: start recording conversations and you will see how it will positively affect your business potential.

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