What Does Your Business Need: PRI or SIP Trunking?

Posted by Christine on Mar 23, 2015 4:34:58 PM

Company telephone system long ago got rid of analog business lines and switched to PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) trunking. Nowadays there is a cost-efficient alternative called SIP trunking which offers multiple benefits to companies which want to enhance their voice communication services. Let`s compare ISDN PRI circuits and SIP trunks to find out which of them is preferable for your business.

Both Are Digital

Either PRI, or SIP trunk are related to digital telephony the only difference between them is that the first one is based on a switched circuit model where as the second relies on packet switching.

How Many Lines Does An ISDN PRI Have?

ISDN PRI has 23 separate voice channels, one additional data and control channel. If more lines are needed they can be gradually added.

What Is SIP?

SIP trunking is a packet switched network line used to unite two business locations supporting a converged voice and data network. The signals in the phone system are routed through the network in voice packets. SIP offers extra flexibility which is not possible with ISDN signaling as well as some attractive failover scripts. But the quality and level of the service vary from one SIP provider to the next.

SIP Trunking for Outbound Calling

By all means SIP trunks can be used to connect company`s PBX system to a phone service carrier. More than 23 lines can be handled at a time depending on which bandwidth, CODEC or coding scheme the company uses. In case of Ethernet connection dozens of phone lines can be supported.

Service Quality

The PSTN uses bandwidth on all the circuits to enable a voice connection where as VoIP packetizes voice data to be managed like traffic transported via IP-based applications. VoIP calls placed over high-end IP network sound like phone calls in the location with bad cellular coverage.

Security Issues

ISDN PRI uses private network to travel data and that is a pretty indestructible argument for its security. SIP trunks are secure too as they are carried over a private network.

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