What Unified Communication Can Do for Your Small Business?

Posted by Christine on Apr 19, 2015 4:47:55 PM

To put it briefly, Unified Communications, or UC for short, is the integration and merging of real-time interaction services. These can bring about multiple forms of telephony, instant messaging, videoconferencing and any type of information sharing. UC is a set of products offered by VoIP provider ensuring communication over a plethora of media types and multiple devices.

UC technology substantially embraced by the enterprises can work best for the companies of all sizes. Let`s see how what advantages SMB will get including UC into its communication systems.

Increased Productivity

Embracing UC can help to increase business productivity, as the ability to access information at high speed is a great advantage for enterprise. The technology is aimed at connecting employees in more intuitive and efficient way reducing workload and errors and improving communication level. The benefits of better interaction are evident.

Cost Reduction

With Unified Communications business owners and managers don`t have to send employees on a road trip to meet with a client as the meetings can be organized digitally. The technology helps to save money and time as well as increase productivity. So the benefits of technology outweigh the initial investments.

Clear Messaging

Email is an efficient way of fast communication, but they do not reflect any nuance of someone`s message. By all means the message will be much clearer if the interlocutor can hear you and in the meantime read the message. UC via its extensive options such as videoconferencing can ensure that your message reaches those you are contacting and you can follow the reaction it will get.

Possibility to Track

When deadlines are on the line the employees can be kept on target and task by recording what and when was done, or said. UC integration into the meeting process gives possibility to trace the when the meetings were held, record what was said and determined at company meetings. It is very essential part of effective business activity as it gives possibility to go back of any dispute arise. The time and the agenda of meetings can be easily referred to. This feature looks like a “digital paper trace”.

Access to Data from Anywhere

The major advantage of the Internet lies in its omnipresent accessibility. The same is true when speaking about UC benefits. Employees don`t have to be at their office desks to join in an audio or video call, or remote meetings. They can join the meeting from anywhere, anytime and take part in it as if they were really there.  

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