Why Small Businesses Need VoIP

Posted by Masis on Jun 13, 2017 3:10:03 PM

Voice over internet protocol can pay dividends for your company once properly setup, and even small sized businesses can benefit from this new technology. In fact, small businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40% and now, with package deals that offer free calls within the IP area savings can be doubled. Indeed many of these savings can be seen across the board with small businesses reducing international call costs by up to 90%. Cost savings aren’t the only advantage of VoIP, the added features and new technology exhibits many benefits that small businesses are attracted to.

Now, with new high definition codec the clarity of voice calls are also working in favor of the new service. Advantages can be seen throughout the VoIP industry and small businesses needn’t worry about powerful computers or hosting large servers, your service provider can manage all this, so simplicity is the key word with VoIP. Technically, by choosing to cloud host your VoIP system, the need to purchase any special equipment is quashed. This is one of the larger myths in the VoIP world; a difficult and costly setup is just not true. Small businesses can rest assure that setup and maintenance is actually a piece of cake. In the case your company has large amount of phone users your service provider will help with configuration and ensure the entire process is executed smoothly.VoIP does make sense for small businesses, with many benefits, including reduction in costs in terms of calls and recurring maintenance fees. Furthermore, with all the added features which include instant messaging, call recording, voicemail, virtual receptionists, call forwarding, on-hold music, voicemail-to-email, conference calling, video conferring, call screening, missed alerts and call logs your small business can benefit greatly and enhance the way it does business.

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Auto attendant or virtual receptionist is one of the more popular features of VoIP, with the help of an electronic secretary clients can be directed to the extension they want.  And with “music on hold” another feature that can professionalize your business choosing the music you want for your customers is made easy.  In addition to the many benefits of VoIP, the forgotten feature is no doubt the “call screening” which allows you to choose how to deal with incoming calls. By seeing the caller ID you can direct your wife's call to your mobile or reject annoying advertising calls prioritizing business.  These options are indicative of how small businesses can greatly benefit from a VoIP service.

Another great advantage of VoIP is the ability for employees to work remotely, just by setting up an app on your laptop you can use your business line to call customers and other employees. Moreover, softphones result in savings up to $2000 per month compared to mobile phone and long distance calls used.  You can see why VoIP and their desktop applications are gaining popularity. Also, with DID numbers as superb feature, you can have a separate line for each employee so customers can call direct, this is testament to how VoIP features can benefit your small business.

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Understanding how VoIP can aid your small business in its operations is the first step to improve and upgrade your current phone systems. VoIP offers many features so you need to start researching to take the necessary step towards VoIP.  Many small businesses have reaped the benefits of VoIP especially its cost effective call rates so jump on the bandwagon and experience what many others have with VoIP technology.

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