Working from Home Gets Easy with VoIP

Posted by Gayane on Jan 23, 2016 10:37:05 AM

Working from home seems to be the wave of the future. While now it may seem like the companies who offer their employees this “perk” are forward-thinking and innovative, soon this approach will become the norm, as it is estimated that half of the people will be working remotely by 2020.  

Most employers are catching on to the idea that the key to success of their businesses lies with the satisfaction levels of their employees, and what drives that satisfaction level right up for many workers is the option to work from home. Hence, having a remote work policy will not only help the employees happy, but will ultimately result in happier employers.

For businesses, the benefits of VoIP will extend far beyond the increased contentment of their employees and clients. It will also cut their costs in terms of furniture, space, business resources, etc. For employees, working from home means saving time and money on commuting, achieving a greater work/family balance, working from a less stressful environment, becoming more productive, etc.

With the help of VoIP technology, the office environment is easily transportable to any place with an Internet connection.  

  1.       Hosted PBX makes it easy

For a business that has a large number of employees working from home, having a hosted PBX (private branch exchange) is the perfect option. A PBX is a company’s complex communications networking. Having a hosted PBX means letting your VoIP provider handle and maintain it instead of you doing it yourself by providing you with all of the features in a cloud. This will reduce your overhead costs by eliminating the need for PBX support staff.

With a hosted PBX, employees working from home will have access to all the necessary tools to effectively do their job away from the office by accessing their extension from anywhere they wish. Even the employees that spend a part of their time at home and the other part in the office, this VoIP will help them always stay in the loop and feel as much a part of the team as anyone else.

  1.       Conference calling

VoIP makes it easier than ever to participate in a conference call from the convenience of your own home. Employees will have the opportunity to take part in even large-scale meetings without being physically present in the room by simply entering a PIN to secure the line. Conference calls with VoIP can accommodate as many as 100 employees at a time – whether they are home or travelling.

Besides the standard conference calling, VoIP also enables you to make video calls. This way, employees can not only see and hear their boss, but also keep track of important presentation materials. Although there is a limit to how many employees can have their cameras on at the same time, they all can participate in the video conference regardless.

  1.       Advanced voicemail

VoIP give you expanded voicemail features that make working from home so much easier. Checking your voicemail is an indispensable part of the work process whether you work at home or in the office. With VoIP, employees can access their voicemail from any device that is connected to the Internet. You will also be alerted in case you miss a call. Moreover, to save you the trouble of logging in every time you have to check your voicemail messages, a VoIP system has the option of sending messages straight to your email as an attachment. This way, you can check your voicemail no matter where you are using your smartphone or anywhere you have Internet access.

  1.       Faxing

Although some people view faxing as an outdated form of communication, it is nevertheless essential for professionals who often deal with a mass of legal documents. Although traditional faxing is still an option, VoIP allows you to fax documents for a fraction of the cost, as it goes through the Internet rather than traditional phone lines. You no longer have to worry about busy signals or printing every page, as IP faxing give you the option of sending the document straight to an email address as PDF files for easier reading. While working from home, you can save time by faxing time-sensitive documents to the office fax machine, or vice versa.

  1.       Employee monitoring

Not only does VoIP make it easy for work-from-home employees to stay in touch with the office, it also makes it easy for managers to monitor employee performance. With features like Listen, Whisper, and Barge, managers can take notice and actively participate in their employees’ activities by being able to hear agent and client channels and contacting agents without disrupting the call. This is a great tool for call coaching as well.

Moreover, VoIP can be integrated to shared documents, which means that employees can video chat while collaborating on a word document. This enables them to give and receive instant feedback and edit each other’s work without wasting time sending emails and also lets managers critique their work in real time.

Overall, working from home has benefits for both businesses and employees. More and more businesses are finding it just as convenient to finish their daily tasks with employees working from home as they would from their office. In fact, many report a greater productivity of employees since their switch to remote employment. For employees, too, working from home has many rewards. Many prefer the greater flexibility, mobility and ability to combine their work and family life associated with working remotely.

Thanks to VoIP, working from home is now more convenient than ever. It has all the necessary features to keep the employees happy and in the loop without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.

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